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The Texas Turf Irrigation Association is the state level professional association for licensed irrigation professionals in Texas. Persons active in the Texas irrigation industry are welcome and encouraged to join.

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Why and how to use water filter guide?
Today everyone wants to drink clean and safe water. But most of the time the water supply we get from the municipal corporation is usually a chlorinated water. This is not enough to clean the water and make it drinkable. So for this, we need to have a water filter which filters the entire fine particle and make water drinkable for all. There is a particular water filter guide, who tells about the different types of water contamination. With this, it also tells about how to choose good water filters?

There are many types of water contaminations:
Rust and sediment: You may have sometimes noticed your watercolor is somewhat dusty. This is because you water May contain some of the rusts or the dust sediments. So in this, you have to see that how could you remove it? If you drink that water, it definitely ends up in some or the other disease. Many times whitish color comes because of the iron pipeline when the iron pipeline is at the last stages and started leaving the rust of the pipe. This rust gets dissolved in the water. For this, you can easily filter all the big particles, but for the smaller particles you have to make things simpler by the water filters. This will help you to make your water drinkable.

Bacteria/ parasites: If you relies on the ground water or the well, then there are high chances that your water is contaminated with the bacteria or the pesticides. Many times you can see that your water is contaminated, but most of the time bacteria are undetectable in the water. So it’s better to make it clean. Sometimes our water sources i.e. the still water like lake or river, and then it could be like it carries some pesticides. So you can’t drink this type of water. So you need to make it clean by using effective water filters.

Taste and odor causing contaminants: there are many times many tastes and odor of the water. Mostly water which is supplied by the municipal corporation has the smell of the chlorinated water. So this needs to get properly filtered with all the better way to keep thing according to your taste and your choice. You have to check the proper working of your water filter so that it could give you a better result.

When and How to change your filter?
Changing the filter depends upon many factors; mostly the life span of the filter depends on the quantity of water that is filtered. And this is measured in the gallon. There are many things that predict the life of a filter. The first thing matters is the amount of contamination of the water, and how much to be filtered.
If you had hard water .i.e. heavy in minerals, which creates the blocks in the filter then need to change it.

If the filter components are not properly working
So this will make you change your water filter on time. You can take the water filter guide for more information and details or log on to www.waterpurifiermalaysia.com to find out more!


5 Common reasons that lead to the White stuff in tap water
Water is basically made of two major compounds. These are oxygen and hydrogen. Two particles of the oxygen chemically react with one particle hydrogen then the water formation is completed. It is the pure form of water, but the water which is suitable for human includes some other inorganic compounds. Many times we see that in the drinking water, there is a thin layer of white matter. Not only the layer but sometimes the above part of water includes whitened shade. Many people are worried about the discoloring of tap water. A human eye easily recognizes some white stuff in tap water. Let us find the reason or the factor that causes discoloring of water.

If there is white stuff in water or water has turned murky, cloudy, or brown color so there may be some reasons behind it.

Organic material
Dirt is the most common form of organic material which includes various earths’ sediments. These are natural occurring organic stuff which settles down at the bottom of water supply pipes. If something eliminates it from the surface or the pressure of pumps can eliminate it, then you get an experience of using impure water. You fill analyze there is small white stuff in tap water.

New Water Source
A new water resource such as a river, well, reservoir, and water below the earth surface are most common cause of discoloring of water. Experts suggest that the change in water resources is the main cause of white stuff in tap water. The material around the water according to new resource is eliminated by the pressure of the pump. So these materials in the water cause discoloring of water.

Pipe material
As explained above, the water includes various inorganic and organic elements. These easily react with pipe materials after years. The pipe is made of iron and different metal material which interact with water ingredients and release small stuff. These are the stuff you can see in tape water. Basically, the white stuff in water does not cause any serious health damage but temporary illness. The water includes ingredients which are necessary for human body but huge in amount cause small damage.

Upstream pollution
Rainwater usually combines various organic and inorganic compounds from earth surface. It previously includes various alkali and salts in the rain and combining earth’s sediments cause white stuff in tap water. The rainwater flowed from various reasons and stored in reservoirs or river. That means, it has a lot of unwanted matters in water. After purification, it also includes different matters. That is why you will experience white stuff in tap water many times.

Air plays an important role in discoloring of tap water. The air includes various organic compounds which react with available oxygen and hydrogen. The natural gases available in the air are also the major reason of discoloring of drinking water. Hence, you will get white stuff in tap water.
These are the common reasons which cause white stuff in tap water. Not only white but you will experience brown, milky, and cloudy shade on the water which is normal.


Things to consider before buying Point of Use water filters

Given the rising levels of contamination in natural water, people are always concerned about how to get the best water, atleast for drinking and cooking purposes. Some prefer to drink bottled, purified water for safety and health reasons, but the costs can be quite high. Moreover, you cannot use bottled water for cooking or washing vegetables and fruits. That would be a huge cost.

Naturally, point of use or POE filter systems have become very popular. They are a cheap solution and can be installed at multiple points of water use like the sink, refrigerator, etc. so that you get pure water for your needs. However, the choice of water filter must be made very carefully, especially because it can affect your health in the long term. So, before you hurry off to buy a POU filter, here is what you need to understand:


If you have been spending hundreds of dollars on bottled water, it is time that you stop doing so. A POU filter attached to your drinking water outlet can save you a lot of money. However, you have to keep in mind that these filters require regular maintenance and the filter membranes or blocks need to be removed every 3-6 months. Higher quality filters last longer while poor ones require attention much sooner.

Immediate effect

Since the POU filters are attached directly to the outlet, you stand a chance to receive cleaner water than POE filters where the pollutants or contaminants may get into the water supply due to leaks in pipes, etc. So, by using a POU, you can rest assured that you have 100% filtered clean water.

Surface area

It is also important to consider the surface area of the filters that the water comes in contact with. For example, water coming through faucet filters come in contact with a very small area of the filter and thus, may not be totally purified before coming out of the faucet. So, it is necessary to consider if the water is exposed to enough of the filter surface area to get purified totally.

Multi filtering

Some water filters have several layers of filters incorporated. Such systems are usually better as compared to those that have only one or two layers of filters. The more the number of filters, the better are your chances of getting totally pure water for drinking.


Another thing to consider while buying a POU filter is whether it will be convenient for you or not. If you have a very big house with numerous rooms and several water outlets, POU filters may not be for you. You cannot install a filter at every water outlet and if you do not do so, you have to cross several rooms to reach the one with the filter installed. You will not be able to get pure water anywhere you want.

So, before you buy any POU filter, it is important that you weigh the various factors carefully and then, find out with www.aircuckoo.com and definately suit your requirements.


AMC INDUSTRIES becomes the first Distributor to be a CORPORATE MEMBER of TTIA

TTIA would like to thank AMC Industries for supporting the licensed Texas irrigation professional through its new Corporate membership in TTIA.  AMC is the first of our distributor partners to join at this member designation.

“TTIA and AMC industries has a long standing history of respect and support”, Tres Buchek, vice president and general manager of AMC, recently shared. “We as a company support the Texas licensed irrigation professional, so it is only natural that we would take advantage of the new corporate membership designation, to demonstrate that support as a company.  We look forward to the new exciting things that TTIA is doing to support our industry, and are glad to be a part of it.”

The Corporate membership was approved only last year by the TTIA board, and includes every employee of the corporate members.  Corporate members enjoy unique benefits and recognition from the association.  Stop into an AMC store today and let them know you appreciate their support of the TTIA.


All you need to know about water purification

Purifying water is one of those things that are a must in our day to day lives. Now in earlier days, it was different and also not considered that important. But with every passing day is becoming more and more important because of all the impurities that are added to the groundwater or river water, the basic sources of water for human beings.

Water purification is done in order to remove all the toxins that get mixed with water in the rivers, ponds, ground, etc. The upcoming industries or the companies throw all their waste into the water directly, and thus the water gets polluted. Now, while purifying water, the basic goal is to clear out anything that can affect our health.

Types of Purifiers:

  • RO Purifiers: This is a method of purification that makes use of a semi-permeable membrane in order to eliminate ions, larger particles, and molecules for better purification of water. In this process, a force is applied against the osmotic pressure which is achieved by the chemical potential difference in both the liquids. This is very helpful when you want to delete bacteria’s and many other minute particles completely from the water. The pores of the membrane are very small in order to achieve the best purification.


  • Ultraviolet (UV) water purification: Ultraviolet water purification is a process which is done for the similar reason i.e. for purifying water. They can penetrate inside the harmful particles and then destroy them by attacking them directly. The UV rays can destroy the reproductive ability of the particles. This process is the most effective process of all and very simple and safe. UV systems can kill and work up to 99.99% of the germs. This is done even with RO purification systems.

Water filters: There are several different kinds of water filters present in the market. But not at all of them are effective or work properly. Some of them even backfire when not used or changed at regular intervals. So, in order to get proper results, you should always get the best of all. One of those being the Cuckoo Water Filters. They provide you maximum security with maximum facilities and according to your needs. Now there are different kinds of Cuckoo filters. The main ones are listed below:

  • Marvel: Its description at first says it’s super slim and light which again points towards being very space saving. This is mainly made for personal use and also for smaller workplaces. This has a modern touch panel for controlling the filter. It uses 3 filters for a 5 stage process and gives normal water not cold.


  • ICON Model: This is one of the first filters to introduce the in and out system which allows the filter to clean itself on its own. This filter can sense the mood with its panel and also has a child lock system. Its design is streamlined. Lastly, it provides 13 different types of water temperatures.
  • FUSHION STAND: This model is very friendly for in-house uses and made specifically with child lock systems. It follows a 6 step filtration process with 4 different filters. It provides you with normal, hot and cold water.


These are three of the types of the Cuckoo Filters. They are revolutionizing in the market of water purifiers.

So if you are planning to buy one, do give them a try and also check out the other ones at www.aircuckoo.com.


Texas Turf Irrigation Association Turns 45!

The Texas Turf Irrigation Association celebrates its 45th year in 2010, and we want to celebrate with the first General Membership meeting in over 10 years.

The best part is, come for the party, stay for the seminar, and earn 8 CEU credits for your professional irrigation license.

About TTIA

The Texas Turf Irrigation Association was created in 1965 as a professional association for the members of the then burgeoning industry of landscape irrigation in Texas.  Today, the TTIA is run by a board of trustees composed of representatives from each local irrigation association in Texas, to best represent licensed irrigators across the state.  Our mission statement is,

To serve the Texas Landscape Irrigation Professional, and to Promote Efficient Irrigation

We work toward the goals of this mission through education opportunities, networking, support of and cooperation with local irrigation associations, and monitoring laws, rules, and trends at the state level that can affect the livelihood of the licensed irrigator in Texas.


Cuckoo water purifier review

If you are looking for a standard water purifier then you might want to go for the Cuckoo brand that produces one of the best water purifiers overall.

There are quite a few reasons why you need to choose the Cuckoo purifier. One of them is the standard of the water. They make sure that the water purified is of highest quality. Also the purity of the water is guaranteed with the use of 3 filters that get rid of all the heavy metals, viruses, bacteria and also dust particles and rust. The only goal of the 6 stage purification of these water purifiers is to provide you the best and the clean water that you can drink without any hesitation at all.

The 6 stages used in this purifier are really interesting. And if you go through every stage in detail you will understand the reason why Cuckoo purifier has been the best of the lot. From the stage 1 to stage 6, the water passes through multiple filters. It goes through natural processing so that the minerals get in the water and the impurities stay out of the water forever.

Reasons why cuckoo is best

One of them you already know that is the standard of the water they produce. The next thing is the price they are available at. The price range is really affordable and you can fit them irrespective of where you live. It can even work in those places where the water pressure is quite low. The next thing that will attract you for sure is the technology used to make sure the water is 99.99% pure and you cannot get better than this for sure.

Once you buy a water purifier your concern will be to think about the service quality of the company or the brand. Cuckoo has really out his name in the top by providing an outstanding quality of customer service. All you need to do is call them and your problems will be solved within stipulated time and quickly too.

Complies with the standard

If you check the water purifier standards mentioned by WHO, then you will be amazed to know that, each and every standard has been followed minutely, in every single water purifier that Cuckoo produces.

The ph level of the water to maintain, the filer quality to be used in the water purifiers, the water quality produced by the water purifiers, the service quality of the purifier and the technology used is just the mere notes for the Cuckoo water purifiers as they have made sure these standards are maintained from top to bottom with strict orders.

So, if you are still thinking which water purifier you would like to get into your house, you can easily get rid of the confusion and get a all new Cuckoo purifier for your home and make sure that you and your family only consume healthy pure water.


HB2507 is signed into law by Governor Perry 

In a stunning conclusion to quick work by the Texas Turf Irrigation Association, Governor Rick Perry signed into law HB2507 on June 17, 2011.  This legislation makes it a class C misdemeanor for an individual to install an irrigation system without a license. The TTIA brought the verbage for this bill to representative Chisum of Pampa in January, and worked tirelessly through contact to local representatives, pounding the pavement in Austin to visit with representatives about the bill, and communicating with its members about the bill, to help it pass both chambers of the Texas legislature.

The idea for this bill was born at the January TTIA meeting of the board of trustees, and board and staff members worked quickly to give the idea wings.  What many irrigators communicate to TTIA is that TCEQ rules tend to prosecute licensed irrigators while the unlicensed irrigation contractor goes unpunished.  Many municipal and county judges across the state will not prosecute unlicensed installers because there is no clear punishment for the offense.   TTIA is proud to let its members know that HB 2507 is the direct result of their TTIA representatives working on behalf of its member irrigators across the state, to help give the offense of practicing irrigation without a license the criminality it deserves. It is TTIA’s hope that this bill will help cities pursue enforcement of their landscape irrigation ordinances, as well as discourage individuals from ignoring the rules and regulations that licensed irrigators willingly submit themselves to by obeying Texas state law and keeping their license current.  Having the state of Texas acknowledge that disregarding a set of laws, which risks both the quality of our municipals’ water systems, and the well-being of a large population of professional contractors in Texas, is a critical first step in putting some teeth in the mouth of enforcement.

As a class C misdemeanor, practicing irrigation without a license becomes a crime.  A ticketable, trackable, legally binding offense in the eyes of the law.  TTIA takes very seriously the longevity and success of its members.  This HB is a direct result of TTIA action on behalf of its members, and is the first step of many that TTIA is taking and will take on behalf of its members at the state level.

TTIA and other supporters of this bill hope that the increased risk of financial consequences will discourage unlicensed contractors to practice irrigation, or will encourage them to pursue licensing, so that they can practice irrigation legally.  To read the actual bill, and see a timeline of its trek through the legislature.

If you are reading this and you are not currently a member, PLEASE join TTIA.   Only through coming together can we ever hope to have our voices heard.  

Advantages and disadvantages of buying whole house water filters

If you happen to have a family, then you will surely be concerned about the welfare of your family members. And that starts with looking after their health. You would surely want to your spouse, children, parents and others to remain healthy and fit always. However, that is often a dream too good to come true. Why? Well, because of the recent conditions of contamination and pollution, it is hardly possible to remain totally healthy. One sort of illness or the other seems to infect and affect individuals of all age groups, and a good portion of them being caused due to extreme water pollution.

Naturally, water filters are a necessity. With proper filtration, the water that we use every day could become the cause of serious illness as well as death. Naturally, people often look to use properly filtered water as much as possible and that’s exactly why, the whole house water filters are a preferable choice than other forms of water filters. As the name suggests, these filters are installed at the entry point of water in the house so that the water received throughout the house is purified, clean water.

But before you settle for such a water filter system, it is important to understand what you can gain or lose by its installation.


  • The first and foremost benefit is that it is a one-stop solution for all your needs. You will not have to worry about your skin being affected by chlorine or your clothes being ruined by the hard water. You get filtered water everywhere in the house – in the kitchen, bathroom, etc. Every time you open a faucet or tap, you will receive clean water.
  • Additionally, there is no need to install several filters at different points of use. If you really want clean water at different points, you would have to keep installing specific filters at multiple outlets unless you use the whole house system.
  • Since there is only one filter machine, you will not have to change the filters of multiple machines every time they go out of use. Thus, you will save a lot of time and effort that would be spent in regular maintenance.
  • Its one-time cost may be higher than other filters, but you will save a lot of hassle and money that would later be spent in replacing the filters.


  • There is only one problem that may concern you before buying a whole house water filter system and that is the need of expert help in installing the system. Unlike faucet or countertop varieties, these filters cannot be very easily installed unless you are somewhat knowledgeable about soldering and plumbing. Naturally, you may have to spend a few hundred dollars for the service of an expert.

Some consider the whole house water filters to be a huge expenditure. Well, the one-time cost may be quite more than other systems, but what you get is totally unparalleled.

if you use water filter of www.waterpurifiermalaysia.com you can save time, money and effort and also get filtered water everywhere you want.


The TTIA education committee held its annual 8 hour CEU course, during the TNLA expo in August in Dallas.  This year’s class (TCEQ approval in process) was entitlted, “Navigating the Future, Troubleshooting the New”.

Fast being regarded as some of the most affordable CEU hours in the state, this power packed class gave attendees new insights to the state of Texas water, and new water technologies.

Immediately following the class, the second annual -in-a- long-time TTIA General Membership meeting was held.  HB2507, TTIA goals and developments, and how irrigators can get more involved, as well as the state of the association, was presented by Amanda Griffin, Executive Director, and Troy Ellison, TTIA President.