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All you need to know about water purification.

All you need to know about water purification

Purifying water is one of those things that are a must in our day to day lives. Now in earlier days, it was different and also not considered that important. But with every passing day is becoming more and more important because of all the impurities that are added to the groundwater or river water, the basic sources of water for human beings.

Water purification is done in order to remove all the toxins that get mixed with water in the rivers, ponds, ground, etc. The upcoming industries or the companies throw all their waste into the water directly, and thus the water gets polluted. Now, while purifying water, the basic goal is to clear out anything that can affect our health.


Types of Purifiers:

  • RO Purifiers: This is a method of purification that makes use of a semi-permeable membrane in order to eliminate ions, larger particles, and molecules for better purification of water. In this process, a force is applied against the osmotic pressure which is achieved by the chemical potential difference in both the liquids. This is very helpful when you want to delete bacteria’s and many other minute particles completely from the water. The pores of the membrane are very small in order to achieve the best purification.


  • Ultraviolet (UV) water purification: Ultraviolet water purification is a process which is done for the similar reason i.e. for purifying water. They can penetrate inside the harmful particles and then destroy them by attacking them directly. The UV rays can destroy the reproductive ability of the particles. This process is the most effective process of all and very simple and safe. UV systems can kill and work up to 99.99% of the germs. This is done even with RO purification systems.


Water filters: There are several different kinds of water filters present in the market. But not at all of them are effective or work properly. Some of them even backfire when not used or changed at regular intervals. So, in order to get proper results, you should always get the best of all. One of those being the Cuckoo Water Filters. They provide you maximum security with maximum facilities and according to your needs. Now there are different kinds of Cuckoo filters. The main ones are listed below:


  • Marvel: Its description at first says it’s super slim and light which again points towards being very space saving. This is mainly made for personal use and also for smaller workplaces. This has a modern touch panel for controlling the filter. It uses 3 filters for a 5 stage process and gives normal water not cold.


  • ICON Model: This is one of the first filters to introduce the in and out system which allows the filter to clean itself on its own. This filter can sense the mood with its panel and also has a child lock system. Its design is streamlined. Lastly, it provides 13 different types of water temperatures.


  • FUSHION STAND: This model is very friendly for in-house uses and made specifically with child lock systems. It follows a 6 step filtration process with 4 different filters. It provides you with normal, hot and cold water.


These are three of the types of the Cuckoo Filters. They are revolutionizing in the market of water purifiers.

So if you are planning to buy one, do give them a try and also check out the other ones at www.aircuckoo.com.