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Things to consider before buying Point of Use water filters

Things to consider before buying Point of Use water filters

Given the rising levels of contamination in natural water, people are always concerned about how to get the best water, atleast for drinking and cooking purposes. Some prefer to drink bottled, purified water for safety and health reasons, but the costs can be quite high. Moreover, you cannot use bottled water for cooking or washing vegetables and fruits. That would be a huge cost.

Naturally, point of use or POE filter systems have become very popular. They are a cheap solution and can be installed at multiple points of water use like the sink, refrigerator, etc. so that you get pure water for your needs. However, the choice of water filter must be made very carefully, especially because it can affect your health in the long term. So, before you hurry off to buy a POU filter, here is what you need to understand:


If you have been spending hundreds of dollars on bottled water, it is time that you stop doing so. A POU filter attached to your drinking water outlet can save you a lot of money. However, you have to keep in mind that these filters require regular maintenance and the filter membranes or blocks need to be removed every 3-6 months. Higher quality filters last longer while poor ones require attention much sooner.

Immediate effect

Since the POU filters are attached directly to the outlet, you stand a chance to receive cleaner water than POE filters where the pollutants or contaminants may get into the water supply due to leaks in pipes, etc. So, by using a POU, you can rest assured that you have 100% filtered clean water.

Surface area

It is also important to consider the surface area of the filters that the water comes in contact with. For example, water coming through faucet filters come in contact with a very small area of the filter and thus, may not be totally purified before coming out of the faucet. So, it is necessary to consider if the water is exposed to enough of the filter surface area to get purified totally.

Multi filtering

Some water filters have several layers of filters incorporated. Such systems are usually better as compared to those that have only one or two layers of filters. The more the number of filters, the better are your chances of getting totally pure water for drinking.


Another thing to consider while buying a POU filter is whether it will be convenient for you or not. If you have a very big house with numerous rooms and several water outlets, POU filters may not be for you. You cannot install a filter at every water outlet and if you do not do so, you have to cross several rooms to reach the one with the filter installed. You will not be able to get pure water anywhere you want.

So, before you buy any POU filter, it is important that you weigh the various factors carefully and then, find out with www.aircuckoo.com and definately suit your requirements.